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WebSVN 2.3.0 released! (12/07/2009)

WebSVN 2.3.0 has been released eight months after the last minor version.
It is available from websvnphp.github.io/download/

This release offers some new features - especially handling moved, renamed and deleted items - and fixes many bugs reported by the community since the previous release. Thank you all for your feedback and contributed patches.

When upgrading you should have a look to the example configuration in include/distconfig.php and recreate your config based on this template. Several configuration options have been added, but others have been altered or removed - take a look what might be useful for you.

Especially take a look at the new template Elegant, which has been contributed by Quinn Taylor. With the new release switching between templates becomes much easier as every user can dynamically switch between all available templates.

A short list of changes - far from being complete:

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