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Next version of WebSVN is coming soon (10/03/2009)

Since the last release of WebSVN many changes have been made on the internal structure - especially the usage of PEG-revisions.
This was done in particular to address many issues related to move/renamed/deleted files and folders.

Another improvement is the better error reporting.
In case of configuration problems or other errors the printed messages are much more helpful.

Additionally a new theme - called "elegant" - was designed and integrated - thanks to Quinn. You can easily try it out under http://trunk.websvn.info.

In order to find remaining issues please test the current development version of WebSVN.
It is available from the SVN trunk - so check it out, use it with your repositories and please report back any issues.
We do appreciate any feedback - especially for cases where the history of moved/renamed/deleted entries is not yet handled correctly.

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