Download WebSVN



Access the GitHub repository to download the current WebSVN code.

See the Releases Page to download specific versions.

Alternatively, download the latest master build as a zip file or browse the source code.

Old Downloads Section

The information below is old and is no longer current, but remains for historical purposes.

WebSVN 2.3.3 (released June 27th, 2011): Download as tar.gz or zip file.

Check the requirements before trying to use WebSVN.

You can find archived versions of WebSVN on the download page.

Access subversion repository

You can also access the subversion repository directly. The repository is located under, the username is 'guest' without a password. The stable releases can be found in the folder 'tags', whereas 'branches' and 'trunk' contain unstable development versions. Uses these versions only in a trusted environment!